Birgit, Mai 2021

Undoubtedly, the Corona pandemic has been one of the meanest things that could have happened to mankind over the past few years. From this situation a friend of mine, Anne, has brought to life the wonderful project with the topic Faces in times of Corona. This project is both critical and artistic at the same time because, first of all, Anne is a talented photographer and additionally, she has always been interested in political and social topics. As a result she had the idea to start this project by giving a voice and a face to people like you and me to tell their personal stories and how they cope with the situation. Ultimately, Anne started to portray people with her camera, took black and white photos and at the same time asked them questions about how the pandemic has had an influence on their personal and professional situation so far. One of her main worries was not only related to the effects Corona has had on the everyday life of adults but also especially to the effects and consequences for all children’s lives. Consequently, Anne started to ask also children about their point of view and their personal experiences with the ongoing changes that result from the political decisions. There is no doubt that our children are the ones whose thoughts, emotions and needs have been definitely forgotten in all the actions that have been taken by the government. At the same time, one could say that our children have accepted and understood them much better in contrast to some of the adults, e. g. like wearing masks and sticking to rules like keeping distance etc. This becomes particularly clear when reading the interview of the 10-year-old Amy, who harshly criticizes the so-called Querdenker. Those many people who don’t care about the risks of Covid 19 and its possible consequences for our health. In addition to that, they think it is okay to go to demonstrations with hundreds of people without wearing a mask and taking care of themselves and other people. Indeed, Amy absolutely rightly wonders if these Querdenker are crazy. As a result of Anne’s hard work and all the effort she put into this project, the grand finale will even be a vernissage in her place of birth in June. There is one question Anne asked on her social media account which I think we all should bear in mind when thinking about all the rules and restrictions we have been suffering from for more than one year now Do we forget to live while we all make so much effort to save our lives?

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